Friday, March 6, 2009

The Many Uses Of Kites

. Friday, March 6, 2009

by: Yageur Fecuent

Go Fly a Kite

Before aircrafts, balloons and rockets took over the job of photography and meteorology in the 19th and 20th century, kites were used. They aren't just simple toys anymore.

Marconi used kites in his early radio experiments, and in World War II, airmen were provided with a box kite and transmitter, known as the 'Gibson Girl', along with their rubber dinghy. Some radio hams still use kites. During World War II, kites were used for anti-aircraft target practice, for man lifting and to deter enemy aircraft.

In China, kites were used for military signaling during the sixth and eighth centuries. In 1232, thousands of kites were release over enemy lines inciting prisoners to revolt. During the Peninsular War leaflets were dropped from kites. Kites were used as a form of airmail between Maryland and Virginia during the American Civil War.

During the 19th century, kites resembled birds of prey in England and France for hunting grouse and partridge. China has used kites with loud noise-makers attached to drive game.

Reportedly, a kite was used to carry the first line across the Niagara River in order to build the bridge from New York State to Canada. In the same way, kites have been used to carry telephone wires.

Many kites are elaborately decorated. The Artistic Kite Group promotes kites as an art form. For centuries in the East, kites have been used for fishing. This is done to reach places you normally can't get to and to prevent the 'plop' sound associated with casting your line in the water.

The art of training falcons and hawks to hunt is very ancient and breathtaking to watch. Some falcons fly at heights up to 1000 feet but many never bother flying over 200 ft. By attaching a bait to a high-flying kite, you can train it to fly higher than 200 feet.

Many people find kite flying to be relaxing, and a good way to unwind. It also gets you out into the fresh air and provides a bit of exercise.

Kites are now use for kite-sailing, kite-surfing, kite- skiing and kite-buggying. There are two kinds of kite races. One is the upwind kite race where contestants drag strong pulling kites upwind and the other is downwind kite races where contestants launch a kite and runs downwind without allowing his kite to touch the ground. The first is purely a test of strength

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