Friday, June 26, 2009

What You Should Know (kite runner spark notes)

. Friday, June 26, 2009

kite runner spark notes

With the increasing amount of CD duplication options
for equipment, its very important that you read the
reviews for the different types of equipment you
are considering before you make that final decision
and choose your model.

The best CD duplication equipment for your project
will all depend on the volume of CDs you plan to
duplicate at a time, and the amount of money that
you are planning to invest on a particular piece of

Your best source for reading reviews of CD duplication
equipment is on the Internet. There are many
different consumer websites out there that will allow
users to post reviews of equipment, then rate them
on a five or ten point scale. Anytime you are
reading reviews, it's very important that you get
your information from a trusted and reliable source.

Websites that are up by the owner of the product, or
those that are trying to sell you specific hardware
normally aren't the best to turn to when you need to
read a review. No one who is trying to get you to
buy a certain piece of hardware is going to tell
you about the flaws the equipment has, or even let
you know about a competitor who has a similiar item
for sale at half the price.

All across the internet, you can find many different
websites that offer the information you seek. There
are several that offer forums, where other users
will tell you honest opinions and give you feedback
about the equipment they own. This can be a great
way to find out about the duplication equipment
your interested in and what else is available for
you to purchase.

Another excellent place to look for CD duplication
equipment reviews is trade magazines and even
electronic magazines. Magazines will normally test
equipment then share their their opinions with their
readers. Always be sure when you are reading a
review that it's an article sponsored by the
magazine and not a paid advertisement.

CD duplication reviews of equipment are a great
resource when trying to find a piece of equipment
to use. With so many on the market, its always
good to have resources when you need to make
an important decision. A review will also tell you
everything the label and description of the
product leaves out, which can help to ensure you
get the best piece of duplication equipment for
your hard earned money.

kite runner spark notes

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kiteboards Information and Learn about Wakeboarding

. Sunday, June 14, 2009

by David Hagerman

Kiteboards- A Fundamental Tool For All Kiteboarding Enthusiasts

What is kiteboarding all about? Simply put, you fly a specifically designed kite and let it propel you as you use kiteboards to surf the water. There is no need for any motor boat or any other artificial wake. You simply let the kite do the propulsion for you and simply use the power to move over the water.

Kiteboards are specifically designed boards made out of wood, foam or, as is the recent trend, composite fiber glass. There are many factors to be considered when opting for kiteboards. Some of them are listed below:

a. Length of the board

The length of the board is one of the most important factors to be considered when purchasing kiteboards. The most parameter to be considered when purchasing the kiteboard is weight of the individual. If you weigh more than the average individual, you should opt for a board in excess of 150 cm in length. Further, if you are just beginning to participate in this sport, then you should opt for a longer board. The board will be slightly difficult to maneuver. This will prevent you from going out of control even by mistake. Experienced surfers should opt for kiteboards less than 140 cm in length. This makes it very easy for the surfer to control the board and even perform tricks if needed. The lightest kiteboards are best for really advanced tricks like spins and inverted tricks.

b. Width of the board

Kiteboards for experts are short in length but more in width. This makes the ride very smooth and also helps the individual control the board better. If you weigh a lot, a shorted but wider kiteboard will serve you well.

c. Rocker

Kiteboards with low rockers are very stable and facilitate easier acceleration and better control. On the other hand, a higher and sharp rocker will make it easier for the individual to perform tricks and stunts.

d. Edge of the kiteboards

The edge is called the rail. Sharp rails make it easier for the individual to accelerate quickly. This helps the board grip the water better and this has a huge impact on the performance of the kiteboard.

e. Safety

Safety has become a very important issue for kiteboards. People often lose control of kites and land on other individuals or even on hard places thereby injuring others or themselves. To enhance safety, the bottom of the board is made as flat as possible. The recent trend is to design the bottoms with a concave shape to make it stick to the water and give additional traction to the rider.

f. Bindings

These boards too have bindings like wakeboards. However, there are three types of bindings which include foot straps, plates and boots. The foot strap merely straps your foot to the board. This is a cost effective solution but is not the most comfortable option. Plates are footpads combined with foot straps. Boards that integrate this option are more comfortable than those that offer foot straps. On the other hand, boots, just like wakeboards, are perfect as far as comfort is concerned. However, you will find it very difficult to get it off in an emergency.

Go to Wakeboard Zone to get your free ebook about Wakeboarding at Wakeboard. Wakeboard Zone also has information on Kiteboards and a Wakeboarding Forum where you can connect with others who love Wakeboarding. You can Find your free Ebook on Wakeboarding at

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Spicing Up Your Relationship

. Friday, June 5, 2009

by Ron Zvagelsky

Recognizing that your relationship has dulled is heart breaking. Luckily there are many fun and exciting ways to spice things up again. Most of the time, the reason the spark has gone out is because things have become mundane or routine. The fastest way to rekindle that flame is to change things around and break that routine.

If you and your partner are accustomed to having sex at the same time of the day or at a certain day of the week, chances are that you have started to think of sex as a chore or something to schedule. Simply having sex at a different time of the day can spice things up. Changing your position can also raise your couple temperature. Purchase a book with illustrations of new ways to connect. Look at the book together and once the giggles have subsided get creative.

While you are having your spontaneous sex consider using a mirror as a prop. Position a large mirror so that you both can watch. Humans respond to what they can see and watching each other in a mirror can really heat some things up. If your shyness or vanity makes you one of the types that can't do it with the lights on, try positioning some scented candles around the mirror. The soft glow will only add to the ambiance and heighten the passion.

Other things to try involve creativity and fun. Start your evening with an innocent board game, but change the rules. For each point earned in the game a kiss is exchanged or an article of clothing is removed. Soon the game will be long forgotten and you will be finding new ways to score. Writing each other love notes is another way to heat things up. Place the notes inside a suit pocket or briefcase. Maybe you can allude to what you will do when you see each other again. The anticipation of a romantic night alone is an amazing aphrodisiac.

Plan a romantic date for your special loved one. Remember how hot things were when you first met and try to recapture some of that energy. Sex experts also highly praise spending a night in a hotel. The change of scenery without the distractions of our daily life can relax us. If booking a hotel is out of the question try taking sex out of the bedroom. There is no reason why an exciting time can't be had in the rest of your house.

Ron Zvagelsky has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in May 2006. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of PlanJam - where you can find dating and relationship advice.

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Creating your first Mind Map


by Rose Angell

In this article I am going to help you through the simple instructions on creating your first mind map. Firstly you decide on the topic in question, it is important to remember that there is no limit to what you can mind map, ranging from university lecture notes, preparing a speech/presentation or simply in organising a party. In this case we are going to mind map going on holiday. The process of mind mapping can be split into 3 levels.

Take a sheet of plain paper and some coloured pens. Turn the page so it is in landscape position. In the centre of the page draw an image that personally represents being on holiday for you. Now label this image e.g. the destination of your holiday or simply 'my holiday'. Always start in the middle of the page as this gives your thoughts freedom to spread out in all directions and for your brain to express its self more naturally and without being maintained in the boundaries found in linear note making.

The next step entails thick colourful branches radiating out from the central holiday image. These branches will represent your main stream of thoughts. There is no limit to the number of main branches but the recommendation is approximately five or six. On each branch clearly state in bold colourful capitals your main thoughts using a single key word. Use your imagination. It is important to use colours as they are exciting to your brain; they add energy to your mind map and enhance your creative thinking. To get your thought flowing you may need to ask yourself a few questions i.e. taking our example of holidays you may ask 'where will I be going' therefore you may decide that 'DESTINATION' is an appropriate 'key word' label for your first branch. In this example mind map will label are branches with the key terms 'Budget', 'booking', 'type', 'equipment', 'clothes', and 'shutdown'. The two main principles that make mind mapping so effective are imagination and association. The brains thinking processes is naturally image filled so in order to incorporate this natural process it is important to include images and pictures on your mind map as 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. Not only will it save you time in comparison to note taking but it is also easier to remember as they are interesting and help to keep your mind focused on the task.

Finally, use association to expand your mind map to the final stage. Look at the key words on the main branches to achieve this. These key words should spark of further ideas. Draw smaller branches that stem from the key words to accommodate the associations you make. The number of sub-branches is limitless, it is dependent upon the number of ideas that you can think of. For example the sub-branches of 'budget' may be 'currency', 'overall' and 'daily'. The sub-branch may then trigger mores thought and ideas associated with the key word of that branch leading to the development of the next level of sub-branches. Continue this process until all your thoughts and ideas are on your mind map. File the map safely so you can return to it in the future, adding more thought and ideas to it as they come to you or simply so you can use it as a revision or study tool.

At the end of the task you should have successfully produced a map that represents your thoughts in an organised, creative and effective way.

Rose Angell joined the Buzan Online team after graduating in Psychology in 2007. Buzan Online was founded by Tony Buzan in 2006 and has since become a key part of the Buzan Organisation. Buzan Online recently launched the first offical Mind Mapping software, imindmap: the only software to utilise the true principles of Mind Mapping and duplicate the brains non-linear thinking process. To learn more visit

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Article Writing - Crack the Creative Nut with Journaling


by Jerret Turner

Think journaling is old fashioned? Think again. Are you having a hard time getting started on your article writing? Combine writers block with journaling to spark your article writing frenzy.

Journaling is a powerful tool for brainstorming ideas, keeping your writing skills sharp, and for storing ideas and notes for future article pieces. To make the most of your journal, I suggest the following 4 tips to all article writers, beginning through advanced.

1) Get the right tools. I love shopping for writing notebooks because there's such a wide variety available today. Looking for a journal with flowers and other fancy designs? Try Barnes and Noble or Borders bookstores. Wal-Mart and office supply stores sell functional albeit less expensive journals. Make sure it feels good in your hands. Too small and you'll breeze through the pages too quickly. Too bulky and you won't take it with you for fear someone might snicker.

And, don't forget your writing utensil. Your pen options are either rollerball or gel. I use a 0.38 Uniball pen. I've only been able to find them in OfficeMax. I adore the fine point but they do tend to run out of ink faster than other pens. Use what you like best. If you hate to smear ink, or are clumsy like me and get gel all over you hands, shirt, and pants then stick with a ball point. Or, better yet, get a pencil. I don't use pencils because I tend to erase too much.

2) Make it a habit. This goes without saying. If you want to be successful at journaling, you have to journal. Pick a time and spot where you can write everyday. Then just do it. Stay away from your computer so you won't be distracted by everyday business.

3) Fire your inner critic. I used to think that all writing should be critiqued, reviewed, and revised. Once I let go of my inner critic, I began to enjoy journaling. Many times I pen random thoughts that would have been lost otherwise. Journaling should be inspirational, not drudgery. For those of you who are perfectionists, this step will be harder to master. Don't write on your computer. When you see the autocorrect marks lighting up your screen, you'll be tempted to make corrections. It's less tempting to use paper and pen.

4) Use your journal for article food. Can't think of anything to write? Flip through older journal entries. I guarantee it won't take but a few minutes to find and idea or inspiration to get started. I purposely review journal entries to find new article ideas.

Journaling is an exercise to help you let go of yourself and break through any writer's block. The important point to remember is that there is no wrong way to journal. Try to journal at least once a day. Don't think you have anything to journal about? Write down your daily to do list. Sometimes just getting something on paper will get your mind working. You never know until you try. Have fun, enjoy the time, and get writing! is a full service article marketing and link building firm. Visit us today to signup and download our latest linking strategy book.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Discovering downloadable audio book's

. Thursday, May 14, 2009

by Antony Day

Discovering audio book's

If you've not had the pleasure of listening to an audio downloadable book, and you do not have the time to read and entire novel, try downloading one of our new updated audio novels, are audio book's consist of everything from fiction to drama to documentaries and autobiographies books on self-help groups and many other categories.

There are literally thousands to choose from, you can listen to these whilst waiting at a train station, an airport, a bus stop. Even working on the computer.

We have all the top authors including Dan Brown, Sandra Brown. Frederick Forsyth, Dean koonts, Anne rice,JK Rowling, Stephen King, James Patterson, Simon Covey, Patricia Cornwell, Nora Roberts,jack canfield Robert t. kiyosaki, and many more famous authors from all over the world.

These are easily downloadable straight to your mobile phone,your Apple Ipod, as well as your PDA, Your Blackberry or your MP3 player ( via computer). You can listen to downloadable audio books just about anywhere.

Apart from when driving your car! You have multiple categories to choose from at reasonable prices compared to hard copy. Like a CD or DVD, once you have downloaded your audio story. You can then Burn it to a CD for you to play it in a CD player, then you can listen to it whilest driving on long journeys?

Some of the top audio downloads are titles such as The da Vinci code, Harry Potter books, Lord of the rings, Oprah's book club, James Herriot, foreign-language audio books,

some of the top selling audio books. The Da Vinci Code Author: Dan Brown, Angels and Demons Author: Dan Brown

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Author: Stephen R. Covey

How to Win Friends & Influence People Author: Dale Carnegie

The World Is Flat Author: Thomas L. Friedman

America: A Citizen's Guide to Democracy

Inaction Author: Jon Stewart and The Writers of The

Daily Show

The Kite Runner Author: Khaled Hosseini

The Memory of Running Author: Ron McLarty

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Author: Douglas Adams

The Broker Author: John Grisham

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Author: J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the sorcerer's Stone Author : J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets author : j.k. Rowling

Harry Potter and the goblet of fire author : j.k. Rowling

Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix author : j.k. Rowling

Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince author : j.k. Rowling

for more downloadable audio books Please


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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kite Boards - Information That You Need To Truly Enjoy The Sport

. Thursday, April 16, 2009

by G.R. D.

The very mention of kite surf boards is enough to make the pulse of adventure sport enthusiasts running fast. When it comes to pure thrill and a serious adrenaline rush, few sports can actually match up to kite boarding. Kite boarding as a sport offers a perfect amalgam of fun, thrill and speed and that is why you will find these boards are already a popular sight in many parts of the world. Though you will find this sport mostly in the US, but these days it has become so popular that you will find this in other parts of the world as well.

All said and done, well, what is kite boarding one might ask. For those who are new to the thrills that it offers, kite boarding is an extreme sport using powerful, controllable kites to propel riders on in-line skates, off-road skates or mountain boards at speeds up to 60 mph across parking lots, desert dry lakes, grassy fields and sandy beaches. If you want to fly like a bird without a care in the world, feel the wind blow into your face and soar high above the ground, kite boarding is the perfect bet for you.

kite surf boards first emerged at festivals that were held along the Eastern Coast of USA in the early 90's in the kite skating activities of some sport kite enthusiasts. The most popular venues for displaying their skills were the various large parking lots dotting the land. Back then, kite skaters primarily used Rollerblades and four-line controllable kites built of parafoil.

The general interest over kite boarding waned a little in subsequent years with the advent of kite buggy racing. Nonetheless, it came back stronger than ever in 1992, thanks to the pioneering efforts of Bob Childs who built a pair of off-road in-line skates using Rollerblade boots and scooter wheels, which reignited the general interest in kite boarding again. In recent years, Kite Skaters have been joined by ATB skateboard riders. Kite Skateboarders use mountain-boards on multi-terrain surfaces, usually moving at a slower speed than Kite Skaters. However, kite skateboarding is more exciting owing to the greater number of jump tricks. It is this element of spectacle that makes kite boarding such an exciting sport to watch and participate in.

In recent years, there have been many improvements made in the field of these boards. In fact, anybody wishing to indulge in some kite boarding can easily buy all the equipment today from the local sports store or off the Internet as well and it is readily available too. However, it is critical to use only good quality gear that will not give way under the usually strenuous demands of the sport. Your safety should at all times be the biggest concern. Remember, better the quality of your kite surf boards, better will be your performance.

Just log on to to find the latest kite boarding equipment. Unearth tons of essential information on kite boarding gear.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

The Many Uses Of Kites

. Friday, March 6, 2009

by: Yageur Fecuent

Go Fly a Kite

Before aircrafts, balloons and rockets took over the job of photography and meteorology in the 19th and 20th century, kites were used. They aren't just simple toys anymore.

Marconi used kites in his early radio experiments, and in World War II, airmen were provided with a box kite and transmitter, known as the 'Gibson Girl', along with their rubber dinghy. Some radio hams still use kites. During World War II, kites were used for anti-aircraft target practice, for man lifting and to deter enemy aircraft.

In China, kites were used for military signaling during the sixth and eighth centuries. In 1232, thousands of kites were release over enemy lines inciting prisoners to revolt. During the Peninsular War leaflets were dropped from kites. Kites were used as a form of airmail between Maryland and Virginia during the American Civil War.

During the 19th century, kites resembled birds of prey in England and France for hunting grouse and partridge. China has used kites with loud noise-makers attached to drive game.

Reportedly, a kite was used to carry the first line across the Niagara River in order to build the bridge from New York State to Canada. In the same way, kites have been used to carry telephone wires.

Many kites are elaborately decorated. The Artistic Kite Group promotes kites as an art form. For centuries in the East, kites have been used for fishing. This is done to reach places you normally can't get to and to prevent the 'plop' sound associated with casting your line in the water.

The art of training falcons and hawks to hunt is very ancient and breathtaking to watch. Some falcons fly at heights up to 1000 feet but many never bother flying over 200 ft. By attaching a bait to a high-flying kite, you can train it to fly higher than 200 feet.

Many people find kite flying to be relaxing, and a good way to unwind. It also gets you out into the fresh air and provides a bit of exercise.

Kites are now use for kite-sailing, kite-surfing, kite- skiing and kite-buggying. There are two kinds of kite races. One is the upwind kite race where contestants drag strong pulling kites upwind and the other is downwind kite races where contestants launch a kite and runs downwind without allowing his kite to touch the ground. The first is purely a test of strength

Yageur Fecuent is the proprietor and delegate of Kites LTD, Inc., your one stop shop for all your kite needs. Start flying at:

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Newest James Bond Film Review

. Wednesday, February 11, 2009

by Don Robert

The newest James Bond film "Quantum of Solace" is a direct sequel to Casino Royale. In this movie, Bond is after two people - the man who killed and betrayed his former love Vesper Lynd and Dominic Greene, a member of the organization that black mailed Lynd.

The movie opens with a breath taking car chase followed by a roof top foot chase across that showcases the spectacular views of Sienna. This opening sequence sets the tone of the whole movie as the action sequences are dynamic even if they draw a slight comparison to Bourne movies.

Bond promptly finds out that Greene is a greedy tycoon that is trying to control the vast water resource of South America under the guise of environmental protection. Following his trail, Bond saves a mysterious yet gorgeous woman, Camille, from an attempted suicide. It turns out that Camille is Greene's mistress and she carries a grudge with his former lover so the two of them team up to take down their common foe.

Quantum of Solace is very different from Casino Royale and the rest of the other Bond installments. The movie seem to focus more on the action and it is surprising that less emphasis is given to the narrative since director Marc Foster is known for thought provoking films like "The Kite Runner" and "Finding Neverland."

Fans of the series will likely be disappointed as gadget guru does not make an appearance in this movie. This means that the unique gadgets that are commonly associated with James Bond are replaced by more conventional weapons like guns and the like.

More shocking is that for the first time, the line "The name's Bond, James Bond" is not used. This departure form the norm signals that the Bond franchise is being reborn into something that is less fantasy and more reality.

Make no mistake about it. This is not your typical movie about England's favorite spy. Daniel Craig makes the character his own as his portrayal of the charismatic spy is very different from the ones that Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan portrayed.

Bond is not shown as cool, glamorous and sexy. Rather, he is shown as very cold and brooding killing machine. This move on the part of the director is a huge gamble since humanness and raw emotion are not the typical traits that fans of the franchise is used to. Another potential problem that can be seen is that since the movie is a direct sequel to Casino Royal, fans need to watch the first movie in order to firmly grasp the weight of the story. If you missed the first movie, some of the plot lines will become less effective and the key points in the narrative of the script will be missed.

However, this does not mean that fans of the franchise as well as casual fans will not enjoy this movie. The action scenes alone made the author of this newest James Bond Film review stay stuck in his seat and enjoy the movie in its entirety.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Best Book of 2007 Revealed - A Thousand Splendid Suns

. Monday, February 9, 2009

By Mitchell Blatt

Khaled Hosseini came out of nowhere in 2003, to write The Kite Runner, a book that rose to #3 on the New York Times bestseller list and sold 4 million copies worldwide.

The Kite Runner was a moving story of a boy's battle within himself about truth, loyalty, and doing the right thing. It also brough to Americans a chilling picture of Afghanistan in a time when Afghanistan was so important to US policy.

The success of the Kite Runner naturally made Hosseini's next novel A Thousand Splendid Suns a tough act to follow. By now, having reached the top five of the New York Times bestseller list, and having reached #1 of Amazon's top 100 books of 2007, it is safe to say that Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns was a success.

Here's what Amazon had to say in chosing A Thousand Splendid Suns as their top rated book:

"No one doubted that Khaled Hosseini's second novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns, would get a lot of attention when it came out in May. After all, there were four million copies of the author's previous book, The Kite Runner, on bookshelves across the world. And as soon as early copies started circulating here, we knew that it would live up to every expectation. A story of friendship between two women that complements the tale of two boys in his first book, A Thousand Splendid Suns is a compelling drama of personal and national tragedy weighted equally with despair and grave hope, and we have chosen it as the best book of 2007."

The rest of the top 10 books of 2007:

2. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao - Junot Diaz

3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling

4. The World Without Us - Alan Weisman

5. The Dangerous Book for Boys - Conn Iggulden

6. Heartsick - Chelsea Cain

7. Tree of Smoke - Denis Johnson

8. A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier - Ishmael Beah

9. Better - Atul Gawande

10. I Am America (And So Can You!) - Stephen Colbert

For more info or to purchase these books:
A Thousand Splendid Suns (
The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (
The World Without Us... and Any of the Other Books (

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Kabul - The Kite Runner


By John Parks

The Kite Runner is a complex story written by Khaled Hosseini where simple yet heinous events occur in a backdrop of social and economic upheaval in Kabul, Afghanistan. It is a story of guilt and cowardice and soul-searching and redemption in the life of Amir. However, even with such overt plot lines and possible morals, there is an underlying current spoken in the fine detail with which the author writes that subtly illustrates a common mantra: You can never go home.

Placed for the most part in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, The Kite Runner introduces the reader first to an idyllic life of innocence. Kabul is a peaceful city ideal for raising a family. The buildings are neat and orderly even in their haphazard layout, and there is a sense of community and unity among its residents. It also showcases the once-popular sport of "Kite Fighting," where contestants try to sever the string of their opponents kite. To the victor goes the spoils (the kite), though of course, someone must run to get it. In the book, kite fighting brings neighbors together in playful competition, and we find that the sport spans generations, as Amir's father reveals a prize kite he won when he was a child. We get a glimpse at how Kabul 's well-to-do treat their children, their servants, and each other. We get a strong sense of social order and stability.

The story also offers a first hand account of the social and political turmoil that the Soviet invasion wrought upon the entire country. This is when Amir and his father are forced to flee Afghanistan , and eventually settle in the United States.

However, when circumstance and his conscience require Amir as a young man to return briefly to Kabul , we see an entirely different city. Many of the buildings are broken or destroyed, as befitting a place ravaged by war and preserved by the subsequent economic downturn. What remains of Kabul is dirty and disheveled.

The sense of community that was once prevalent is now non-existent. There is at first a sense of 'every man for himself' where closed doors and windows greet Amir, and any aid he receives during his brief stay must be done in secret. There is no more kite fighting (the Taliban banned the sport, which inspired the kernel of the idea of the story for the author, who was himself an avid kite fighter in Kabul once). However as we see more of the city, we are given a glimpse of even darker times, where neighbor betrays neighbor to the ruling Taliban, and barbarous acts are committed in the name of zealotry. This is not the Kabul Amir remembers, certainly. And after even a few days, it becomes clear that this is not his home. The home of Amir's childhood does not exist anymore, and there is no returning to it.

And that is perhaps the irony, because the same could be said of any town, any homecoming, to a lesser degree. By contrasting the changes in Kabul then and now, the author emphasizes the commonality of change over time, and suddenly Kabul becomes our town, and Afghanistan becomes our country, and Amir becomes us, a tourist in our own hometown. Indeed, even when you can go home, you can never truly go home.

For more information on Kabul, visit and

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Power Kiting the First Steps


By James Roberts

OK so you have bought yourself a 3 meter kite and a buggy and you’re itching to get out on the beach and ride the wind.

Stop there….leave the buggy at home and buy a 2 meter kite!

Although it’s tempting to go out and do it it’s not pleasant finding yourself dragged sideways a long a beach by a kite with the power of a 250cc outboard motor or even worse lifted into the air to be then smashed heavily down onto the beach smashing both yourself and the buggy in the process.

When starting out you have to learn how to use the kite. That’s where a 2 meter kite is useful. Even a child can control one in light winds and when the wind gets up it will drag a 200 lb adult along.

The basic method of starting off is to lay the kite on the ground and walk backwards into the wind extending the lines. Once fully extended with kite full of wind you give a tug and the kite takes off…..and probably so do you.

A safer initial approach:

When you have your kite down on the beach the first thing is to LEAVE IT IN THE BAG. In any sort of wind as soon as the kite is out you’re fighting with it.

Ask someone to accompany you on your first few flights.

Get them to hold the kite within the bag while you extend the lines ACROSS the wind. At 90 degrees to the wind the point of lowest power you will have much more control of the kite once it starts flying.

Check all lines are clear and ask your helper to remove the kite from the bag. Even at 90 degrees to the wind the kite will “find the wind” and inflate.

If your using a four line kite the kite actually flies on the top two lines. The bottom two are “brake line” basically when the kite is in the air if you want to de power the kite or drop it you gently haul back on the bottom lines and the kite stalls and drops.

When your ready ask your helper to release the kite and making sure that the brake lines are slack fly the kite at 45 degrees across the wind until it is directly above you.

In that the position the kite will have maximum lift and almost zero traction. Get a feel for the kite. Pull gently n the brake lines and watch how the kite starts to drop.

Ok lets move the kite:

Pull gently back on the left hand top line. The kite will start to move to the left. Pull back on the right line the kite moves back to the zenith. Try going right.

OK lets land the kite.

Fly the kite slowly at 45 degrees to the location of your helper and as you approach pull back on the brake lines. The kite will settle down to the ground.

Congratulations you can handle a power kite!

Next step a 3 meter kite ..then a 5 then….

James Roberts an avid Power Kiter and Buggy Rider.

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Kite Festival


By Eddie Tobey

Kite flying is an extremely popular sport in China, India, Japan, Thailand and several other countries. 'Kite fights' are held in numerous countries, where kite fighters try to cut competitors’ kites down or tear them if possible. Kite fighters pass their strings through an amalgam of glue and ground glass powder, making it more potent and liable to cut the strings of competing kites. This practice can be hazardous, since the strings also have the potency to injure people.

A kite competition is known as “Gudiparan Bazi” in Afghanistan. Before the start of the war in the country, “Gudiparan Bazi” was a hobby for many Afghans. From the beautiful designs of the kites, which came in several shapes, to the making of the “tar” (wire), it was a matter of prestige to compete for the title of the best kite fighter in the neighborhood. This sport became a means of escapism for Afghans during the troubled times of the war.

In India, the festival of Makar Sankranti is involved with flying kites. Celebrated every January 14, you can see million of kites all over North India. It is particularly popular in the state of Gujarat, where the festival is a public holiday.

The Japan Kite Association organizes a gathering of kite fliers every year at Uchinada. The ""traditional"" festivals here are centered on one geographical area and one type of kite. This festival, however, attracts kites and fliers from all over the country.

The kite-flying event at Weifang, China, attracts competitors from all over China, and some from the rest of the World. This festival witnesses an amazing diversity of handcrafted kites. Numerous international competitors are also present.

The Thai Kite Heritage Group organizes a kite-flying event of international stature every two years on the Royal Palace’s polo field. It is no overstatement to call the festival "majestic".

Kites ( provides detailed information on Kite, Kite Festival, Kite Surfing, Stunt Kite and more. Kites is affiliated with Free Jigsaw Puzzles (

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How to Make a Kite


By Andy Duframe

The best methods and materials for making kites haven't really changed much over the last 2500 years. Ancient kite makers knew their craft well, and few people today can rival the magnificent kites that were made back then. Still, most basic kite designs are fairly easy to build if you have a little patience and enthusiasm for the project.

Kite Frames - Lightweight but Strong

Most kite builders today use plastic tubing for the main skeleton of the kite. It's lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to find. Tubing also makes it easy to connect the different parts of a kite frame, using manufactured tube joints to hold everything together. However, as you move on to more advanced designs, you might also consider a wood dowel frame made of pine, spruce, or bamboo. Some of the very large kites might even use aluminum rods for added strength.
The most important aspect of a kite frame is balance, and that means making sure the overall shape is in perfect symmetry. Be careful to measure and cut exact lengths for all frame pieces, and keep consistent joinery methods throughout the project. This will help maintain an equal distribution of weight across the kite.

Kite Cover Material - Durability and Buoyancy

Just as in ancient times, silk remains the premium material for covering a kite frame. Silk is light, pliant, and extremely buoyant, a rare combination of features that is difficult to find in any other material. Yet, silk has enough drawbacks (like tearing, price, and availability) that most modern day kite makers prefer synthetic materials, like polyethylene, mylar, dacron, and Tyvek. The plastic coverings can be secured with cellulose tape or glue, and the synthetic nylon varieties can be sewn with needle and thread.

Kite Knots - Keeping it all Together

Most people don't think much about tying knots, but for kite builders who have spent countless hours in the shop creating a work of art, this is an essential part of protecting their investment. A gusty wind creates an enormous amount of pull on a Dacron line, and a faulty knot will quickly send a kite off into the horizon. Learn just a few of the most popular knots, and you'll never have to chase a kite down again.

See my favorite Kite Plans (

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